Exhibition: Cosmic Analogues

Cosmic Analogues invites artists to come together and share their passion for cosmology.

Each artist selected for this exhibition reaches to connect with the vastness of the universe through their practice. Artistic processes are analogous to astronaut activities, and artworks are informed by looking backwards in time at space exploration and contemplating its future.

Underneath it all bubbles a deep reverence for the astronomy that has allowed us to understand the universe and our place in it. Artists work to create a common ground between outer space and our relationship to it in everyday life on Earth. Through art we can connect to the cosmos in our own small way.  



  • Neil Aldum
  • Roy Ananda
  • Tom Buckland
  • Nicholas Capaldo
  • Stefan Eichhorn
  • Steph Fuller
  • Project Gemini
  • Michaela Gleave
  • Ronnie Van Hout
  • Clare Humphries
  • Penny Walker-Keefe


Curated by:

  • Penny Walker-Keefe