How do I find a space?

Head to creativespaces.net.au and use the ‘Find a Space’ function to search for a space. Enter your location, refine your search with specific categories, then hit search. 

How do I contact a space?

Contact information is on the left hand side of the listing page, or directly under the images on mobile phones. You must click on 'Show Number' or 'Send an Email' via the form to reach the space you are interested in.

Can Creative Spaces find or suggest a space for me?

Unfortunately we’re not able to find spaces, book spaces, or contact space owners on your behalf. We can suggest searches to try in the ‘Find a Space’ search that may yield more relevant space results. 

Why are there no/few spaces in my area?

The website is a free directory of available space for creative use. Unfortunately some areas may have few spaces currently listed. You can try again using broader search terms, including searching by state.



How much does it cost to list a space?

Listing a space is free. We charge no fees and take no commissions when your space is filled. 

What types of spaces are accepted? 

We are only able to accept spaces that are utilisable by artists or creative practitioners for creative practice. 

What is creative practice?

Some examples of creative practice include:

Please note that we do not recognise fitness, wellness, health or corporate practice as creative practice. Spaces designed solely for these uses may not be accepted. 

What do I need to list a space?

All you need is a space name, a description of how the space can be used creatively, pricing details and clear images of the space on offer. Please note that we will not be able to accept spaces that do not have clear images of the actual space available (only uploading building exteriors is not suitable). 

How do I list a space?

Register to create your free account. Then, click ‘List a Space’.

Step 1: Add the basic details of your space, including space name (try to make this descriptive, but not too long, as it will become your unique url), location, parking and public transport options.

Step 2: Describe your space. This is where you really get to sell your space. Be detailed, include all the key features, and emphasise the creative potential of the space. Think about what people will be looking for, and tailor your description to highlight the benefits for creative use in the space.

You will also be asked to nominate a 'Primary Space Type', and further 'Space Types'. You can select more than one, but be specific - what is the space currently or best used for?

Think about whether your space is currently suited to making ceramics, making noise, painting, or rather desk-based work. You can use ‘suitable for’ to select the full spectrum of activities your space could be used for.

Step 3: Submit your listing - Once your space is submitted, it is reviewed by our team before being published live (during business hours). We may contact you if your listing is incomplete or does not meet our criteria. 

Why is my yoga, Pilates, fitness, health or wellness space being declined?

We are unable to accept spaces that have references to yoga, Pilates, fitness, wellness, health or health therapies in the name, listing description or images as these activities are not considered creative practice. If you would like to list your space, please remove all references to the above and instead specify how your space could be used creatively and how it may have been used creatively in the past, eg for rehearsals, as a photography location, dance studio, etc. If you can explain how your space could be used by creatives, it will be accepted. 

Why is my office or coworking space being declined?

We are only able to accept coworking and office spaces if their primary purpose is to provide creative practitioners or artists with a place to work. Coworking and office spaces must be targeted towards or must be primarily occupied by creatives and artists. Please provide specific examples of how your coworking or office space meets this criteria, eg 'this coworking space houses graphic designers, copywriters, writers, illustrators, interior designers, animators, editors and more' or 'this office space will be shared with an architect and fashion designer'. 

I’ve listed my space - why can’t I see it?

When you hit submit, your space is manually reviewed by our team. You can preview it when logged in, but you will get an email notification when your listing goes live. Please note that listings are only published during business hours on standard business days. There may be delays during public holiday periods. Listings and listing updates can take up to five business days to be published.

Can Creative Spaces give me a lease or hire agreement?

We do not have a lease or hire agreement template available. We recommend consulting with a lawyer to ensure any agreements meet your unique requirements. 

Can Creative Spaces manage my space?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. 

How can I delete or remove a listing from public view?

To remove a listing from public view, you must archive it. You can do this by logging in to your account, going to ‘LISTED SPACES’ in the dropdown menu, find the space you’d like to remove then click archive. You can reactivate your space in the future by finding it in this menu then submitting it for publishing. 

My space has been archived. How can I reactivate it?

When a space is archived, the space owner receives an email with a link to reactivate it. You can also reactivate your space by logging in to your account, making an edit to the space then submitting it for approval. The space will be reviewed then published by our team. 



I’m unable to upload images to my listing

If you find that your images aren’t uploading, please try the tips below on a laptop or desktop computer: 

  • Ensure each of your images is under 2MB in size. The image uploader may reject images that are larger than this. Follow these instructions in resizing your images. 
  • Delete excess images before uploading new ones. The image gallery can only contain 6 images at a time, so you will be required to delete old ones before uploading new ones. 
  • If your images meet the above requirements and are still failing to upload them, save them as a new file by taking a screenshot of the open image, then cropping it to the image borders. The image uploader may recognise your screenshotted image as new and accept it into the gallery.  

If you are still experiencing issues uploading images, please contact us at creativespaces@melbourne.vic.gov.au. If your images are successfully uploaded but are being declined when you submit your listing, refer to the feedback in the decline email and amend as instructed.

My images are being flipped when they are uploaded

The image uploader can only accept images in landscape orientation. Please make sure all images are landscape (have a width greather than their height). You can do this by cropping your existing image or taking a new one in landscape format. 

I am receiving duplicate email enquiries on my space

Occasionally, the enquiry form may send duplicate enquiries to your email address. If this issue persists, please contact us at creativespaces@melbourne.vic.gov.au

I am not receiving any enquiries on my space

Please ensure you have entered the correct contact details in your listing information. If you believe you may be having issues with the contact form, include a contact email or phone number in the listing description to allow enquirers to contact you directly and contact us.



What is Creative Spaces?

Creative Spaces is a program of the City of Melbourne’s Creative City branch. Focused on identifying and activating space for the creative sector, it manages a variety of artists and organisations across selected buildings within Melbourne. Creative Spaces also runs an award-winning website that allows users to list and find spaces across Australia. Find out more about us. 

Can I be featured on Creative Spaces' social media?

We feature select spaces and creative opportunities on social media. We require all spaces and opportunities to have strong imagery. If you would like your space or opportunity to be considered, please email the link to creativespaces@melbourne.vic.gov.au