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I want to find a space - how does it work? | How do I contact the space I’m interested in? | Can you suggest spaces? 


How much does it cost to list a space? | I’m thinking about listing my space, but I’m not sure yet | What is Creative use? | What are some examples of creative practice? | Why is my yoga/fitness/health space being declined? | Why is my coworking/office space being declined?What will I need before listing? | I'm ready to list my space. How do I do it? | Listing your space - the nitty gritty | Previewing your listed space 


I want to set up a space. What do I need to know? | How do I draw up a lease agreement? 


Who is Creative Spaces? | Does Creative Spaces own or manage all the listings on the site?


I want to find a space – how does it work?

The website is designed to help you search for and find a space for creative work. You can input multiple locations, the type of space, or the kind of work you want to do in the space in the ‘suitable for’ field. Make sure you hit ‘search’ once you’ve input your terms. Scroll through the options until you see a space that suits. When you click on the listing you will find more detail like description of the space, price and contact details.

How do I contact the space I’m interested in?

Contact information is on the left hand side of the listing page, or directly under the images on mobile phones. You must click on 'Show Number' or 'Send an Email' via the form to reach the space you are interested in.

Can you find or suggest a space for me?

We can’t suggest spaces directly – the search function has been designed to help you find the space yourself, based on your needs.

What if there aren’t any spaces in my area?

The website is a free directory of available space for creative use. Unfortunately some areas may have low levels of availability. You can try again using broader search terms.

How much does it cost to list a space?

It’s totally free to list your space. You just need to register first. We take no commissions once your space is filled and charge no fees for uploading listings on our website - it's completely free! 

I’m thinking about listing my space, but I’m not sure yet

Before you list your space think about whether it is suited to creative use. Read through the accepted Space Types and make sure your space fits one of these categories. The spaces on this website are carefully assessed according to their suitability to creative practice, which is what distinguishes us from other search engines like Gumtree or real estate vacancy sites.

Our requirements are that the space is suitable for some form of creative practice – that might be space to develop, practice, perform, make, display, exhibit or construct creative work. You should be seeking creatives to fill or occupy your space.

What is Creative use?

Creative Spaces is dedicated to spaces for creative use. We do not advertise spaces for yoga, fitness, pilates, events or functions, unless your space can clearly be adapted to creative use and you have described the creative potential of your space. To get a sense of the spaces we accept on the site, view this list of 'Space Types'. As a quick guide:

SUITABLE: Dance studios, music venues, rehearsal spaces, offices with a creative focus, galleries, photography studios, co-working spaces with creative practice as core business.

NOT SUITABLE: fitness/pilates/yoga studios, corporate offices, event, party and function spaces - unless they can be tailored to creative use. 

What are some examples of creative practice?

If your space has uses other than those above, please add them in your space description. Please separate each suggested usage with a comma. (eg. Retail, Pottery)

Why is my yoga, Pilates, fitness, wellness or health space being declined?

We are unable to accept spaces that have references to yoga, Pilates, fitness, wellness, health or health therapies in the name, listing description or images as these activities are not considered creative practice. If you would like to list your space, please remove all references to the above and instead specify how your space could be used creatively and how it may have been used creatively in the past, eg for rehearsals, as a photography location, dance studio, etc. If you can explain how your space could be used by creatives, it will be accepted. 

Why is my coworking/office space being declined?

We are only able to accept coworking and office spaces if their primary purpose is to provide creative practitioners or artists with a place to work. Coworking and office spaces must be targeted towards or must be primarily occupied by creatives and artists. Please provide specific examples of how your coworking or office space meets this criteria, eg 'this coworking space houses graphic designers, copywriters, writers, illustrators, interior designers, animators, editors and more' or 'this office space will be shared with an architect and fashion designer'. 

What will I need before listing?

All you need is actual photos of your space, as well as a short description that details how your space can be used, pricing terms and an indication of the types of creative work suitable for the space. See this link for tips on photography

I’m ready to list my space. How do I do it?

First you need to register to create your free account. You will be asked to enter your details including contact information, email, a password and your state. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions in order to register. After registering you will be taken to the homepage. In the top menu, you will see the 'List a Space' option. Now you can go ahead and list your space.

Listing your space – the nitty gritty

Step 1: Add the basic details of your space, including space name (try to make this descriptive, but not too long, as it will become your unique url), location, parking and public transport options.

Step 2: Describe your space. This is where you really get to sell your space. Be detailed, include all the key features, and emphasise the creative potential of the space. Think about what people will be looking for, and tailor your description to highlight the benefits for creative use in the space.

You will also be asked to nominate a 'Primary Space Type', and further 'Space Types'. You can select more than one, but be specific - what is the space currently or best used for?

Think about whether your space is currently suited to making ceramics, making noise, painting, or rather desk-based work. You can use ‘suitable for’ to select the full spectrum of activities your space could be used for.

Step 3: Submit your listing - Once your space is submitted, it is reviewed by our team before being published live (during business hours). We may contact you if your listing is incomplete or does not meet our criteria.

I’ve listed my space. Why can’t I see it?

When you hit submit, your space is manually reviewed by our team. You can preview it when logged in, but you will get an email notification when your listing goes live. Please note that listings are only published during business hours on standard business days. There may be delays during public holiday periods. Listings and listing updates can take up to five business days to be published. 

I want to set up a space. What do I need to know?

If you are unsure of how to price or present your space, refer to these Case Studies which provide insights into a range of different spaces and the approaches taken to set them up.

How do I draw up a lease agreement?

Commercial leases vary, and are specific to each property. It may be worthwhile getting a lawyer to look over your lease to make sure you are meeting the relevant criteria.

Does Creative Spaces own/manage all of the listings on the site?

No. Creative Spaces provides the website as a free service to people listing or looking for creative spaces. In addition to the website, as part of a commitment to creating and maintaining affordable space for artists in the city, the Creative Spaces program manages selected buildings with affordable studio spaces in Melbourne. Studio vacancies in these buildings are by application only, and are advertised as and when they arise.

Can I get Creative Spaces to manage my space?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer.

Who/What is Creative Spaces?

Creative Spaces is a program of the City of Melbourne’s Arts Melbourne Branch that identifies, refurbishes and manages space for the creative sector. It manages a variety of artists and organisations across selected buildings within Melbourne and runs an award winning website that allows users to list and find thousands of arts spaces. The website is a national resource of available space to develop or show creative work. Read more about the program:  About Us