'Tribute' by Michael Saunders - Capsule exhibition (Oct/Nov 2020)

Hear from artist Michael Saunders on the inspiration behind 'Tribute', shown at Capsule in Campbell Arcade throughout October and November 2020.

My painting is a tribute to my friend and past teacher Adam Croser, who unexpectedly passed away last year. The source material of the painting is based on a photo I took of a stone angel, in a cemetery in Buenos Aires. Among many ideas the image of the angel can represent our hope, that when unforeseen events occur, a beautiful face will guide you through the turmoil. Furthermore the 'seraphim' symbolize the tradition of how cultures across the globe create mythical effigies to explain the unknown.

The lamp is based on the passage of stars, the travel shrines of pilgrims and the Neolithic stone circles of Scotland (The source material for these are based on photos I took of the stones of Stenness, on the main island in Orkney ). The lamp is an additional spiritual aspect. It refers to the pagan worship of the elements and the more practical use of the stones as a measurement of celestial bodies to gauge harvests and seasons.

RIP Adam Croser

Michael Saunders 2020


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