Visual Artist

Vincenza Fazzalori


About Vincenza

"The processes of making and transferring marks, working back into the surface, recording the immediate, the spontaneous and the gestural, is the evocative language that defines my work, be it in clay or on paper.

"At the moment I am participating in the research project The Art of Adaptation – Tracing Wold Poetry Melbourne enabling me to continue developing art that has cultural currency while exploring the biographical stories, the places, and significant events that shapes personal histories. I’ll be drawing inspiration from the words, evocations and mood conveyed in literary form and through the re-presentation of original source materials.

"Simultaneously I initiate, develop and curate Place Making projects in collaboration with local government, community organisations and businesses."


Vincenza Fazzalori

“The curtains rest the eye from an overload of cold grey corrugated iron that are my walls, and also serves as a protective wall from slurry that leaves my hands when I’m using the pottery wheel.”

Vincenza Fazzalori