Jodi Webb

Jodi Webb


I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. I first discovered my true passion in high school, where I studied photography as part of the art curriculum and spent many hours in the dark room, experimenting with different techniques.

From a brief stint as a photographers assistant, I turned to studies in IT before travelling the world for a year, armed with my film camera, in the days before Instagram showed you where to go for the best shot.

After many years in various consulting roles in the corporate world, and once my children were in high school, I decided to return to my passion and take my photography to the next level.

Studies at Northern College of Arts and Technology and Melbourne Polytechnic helped shape the photography work which gives me the most pleasure.

After the unexpected loss of my father in 2019, and the events of 2020, I decided to put my energy into a positive space to provide a glimmer of hope for myself and others. Glimmer Gallery was established.

My vision is to provide an authentic memory of special people or moments in life.

Jodi Webb

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“There are many special moments in a day. Pay attention or they may pass you by,”

Jodi Webb