Premium Account Subscriptions

The Creative Spaces Premium Account subscription provides organisations with population-level insights into creative practices, trends and communities.

The Creative Spaces Premium Account subscription is a paid service uniquely designed for organisations, including:

  • local government authorities
  • state governments, and
  • organisations with an interest in creative communities.

Premium Account subscriptions offer access to a wealth of information about creative practice, motivations, spaces, and infrastructure in certain communities.

The size of the data spread you can access is defined by your organisational size and needs. Depending on your organisation and the type of insights you require, Premium Account subscriptions can provide insights into specific local government areas, councils, entire states, or other municipally defined regions.

How do I access a Premium Account subscription?

Premium Account subscriptions are available for purchase through a licence agreement, with pricing and terms available on enquiry depending on your needs.

Each Premium Account subscription includes multiple user accounts for different people throughout your organisation.

To find out more about pricing, payment and other details, please contact our team now.

What valuable data does a Creative Spaces Premium Account provide?

Creative Spaces Premium Account subscriptions provide full access to real-time and retrospective data outlining the following information. All data sets can be downloaded as CSV files.

Real-time snapshots into trends in communities

You’ll have access to a comprehensive dashboard outlining the following information in your chosen community, region, or state:

  • Supply and demand of specific space types
  • Most popular space types that people are listing and searching for
  • Total floorspace on offer
  • Data on searched locations and searched features, filterable by date range and standard filters

Trends over time

View and track trends over time with interactive, filterable display of:

  • Average space price
  • Location of spaces
  • Space availability
  • Features or amenities listed against spaces
  • Space capacity
  • Total floor space of listings in the area
  • The volume of space status changes per month in your area (i.e. how many creative spaces change from ‘new’ to ‘available’, or ‘available’ to ‘unavailable’)

Insights into where people choose to create in your community

You’ll be able to view tabular data and heatmap views of space density within specific areas, including:

  • Mapped views of spaces in your geographic area, with the ability to zoom in and click on specific pins to view individual spaces
  • Visibility of any ‘owned spaces’; spaces that have been listed by users who have access to your Premium Account
  • Space enquiry reports, with the average number of total enquiries (emails and phone clicks) for spaces in your area, and the average number of enquiries per space within your reporting area
  • Space occupancy in your area

Insights into the artists and practitioners in your area

You’ll be able to access information outlining:

  • The number of artist profiles in your geographic area, filterable by specific suburbs
  • Additional demographic data that is collected as artists create their profiles

Insights into creative events in your community

View interactive graphical information highlighting:

  • The number of events per month in your geographic area, grouped by the type of event and the suburb the events occurred in

Plus, you’ll access these additional benefits

  • A dedicated landing page as part of our network, detailing information about your organisation, links to your own website and social media accounts, imagery, and more.
  • All Premium Account space listings will be shared on Creative Spaces’ social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), driving traffic to these spaces.
  • Publish articles, EOIs and opportunities through the Creative Spaces Latest Articles page and promote these pieces via Creative Spaces social media.
  • Access national benchmarking data upon request.
  • Access Google Analytics data upon request.

Ready to access unrivalled insights?

Enquire about a Premium Account subscription today to learn more about creative communities, understand their motivations, and connect with their interests.