exhibition (in person)

ANNA HOYLE | Your choc-mint pelvik floor is so boring

Your choc-mint pelvik floor is so boring presents a collection of recent ‘fictional’ book paintings and works on paper that have been inspired by social trends such as the self-help book and the wellness industry. Hoyle's work also addresses more serious issues related to consumerism and the environment with an ironic and sometimes absurd approach that combines comedy and tragedy in equal measure.

These new works showcase the artist's vibrant graphic style , which mimics the zeal and optimism of the industries that Hoyle subtly critiques.

Reflecting on her material choice of gouache and acrylic on fabriano paper, Hoyle has said, “Gouache paint is both direct and luscious, flat and unforgiving: a beautiful medium with which to humorously play with socio-cultural habits and language in a graphic manner”.