Creation to Collection 2021 by: PLUSH! & Pat Jones

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  • 62 Lygon Street,
    Carlton, 3053 VIC
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Winter is a time to wrap yourself in superb shawls, scarves garments and accessories.   


Creation to Collection 2021 is an exhibition showcasing all of these products.    Produced by three (Melbourne/Victorian) artists.


As a Trio of women ‘Plush! and Pat Jones’, have had many highly regarded exhibitions.

Christina Turner, Virginia Harrison and Pat Jones all love the process of designing for woven cloth.  They have perfected excellence in techniques and skills, as well as in creativity. Working with hands, heart and head they have a wonderful sense of colour and style.


For the 2021 Collection they have again created a range of luxurious handwoven fabrics and designer garments in predominantly superfine merino wool and silk yarn with other luxury yarns for texture.


For those fortunate or astute enough to purchase pieces from the 2021 show they will gain the added experience of touching and wearing the garments and experiencing all the qualities that the term “Plush” evokes.