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The team here at Linden has been developing a Multilingual Tour Program and we would like to invite you and your community members to join us for a free guided tour in Mandarin and Cantonese. This tour will walk you through our current exhibitions of four terrific female artists: Kate Beynon, Honor Freeman, Louisa Bufardeci, and Jane Burton, and will be led by our enthusiastic Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking volunteers.

Our building, a grand Victorian mansion, has had many lives, and at several times has been the home to migrant families and peoples. We love celebrating this history, and having different languages spoken in our gallery furthers its diverse past. 

We believe in universal access to Art, learning and story telling. No matter what your mother tongue is, or what lands you have travelled from, we want you to be able to share in the experiences presented at Linden New Art.

We hope that these tours will provide opportunity for communities to share ideas, form new connections and celebrate culture and creativity together.  

Multilingual Tour > Mandarin
Saturday 27 August 2022 > 1:00pm

Multilingual Tour > Cantonese
Saturday 27 August 2022 > 2:00pm

We look forward to seeing you at Linden!



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