Ngalim-Ngalimbooroo Ngagenybe (from my women)

Senior Gija woman Shirley Purdie pays homage to the women in her family, representing herself through collective knowledge, culture and values.

‘It’s good to learn from old people. They keep saying when you paint you can remember that Country, just like to take a photo, but there’s the Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) and everything. Good to put it in a painting, your Country, so kids can know and understand. When the old people die, young people can read the stories from the paintings. They can learn from the paintings and maybe they want to start painting too.’

Until 29 November 2020

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Image caption: Ngalim-Ngalimbooroo Ngagenybe (detail), 2018 Shirley Purdie © Shirley Purdie/Copyright Agency, 2020 

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