The Gang of Five

Chen Ting lives in a wealthy Melbourne suburb with her uncle Chen Fu, a dealer in priceless Chinese antiques. Since arriving from Hong Kong she is fulfilling her father’s ambition by studying Commerce at Melbourne University. But is she? Or is she pursuing a hidden passion? Another house guest Xiao Jun had been a child prodigy famed for his piano recitals in the prestigious concert halls of Europe and New York, but is now a shadow of his former self for reasons he keeps secret. He is slowly recovering through the generosity and care of Chen Fu’s household. Chen Fu’s wife Song Mie-Lien, tormented by a past sordid and unhappy life keeps it a secret from her husband for fear of losing him. Huang Chung, a civil engineer working on projects between Melbourne and China is a serious art collector and regularly visits Chen Fu befriending all members of that household. But he too is plagued with guilt and secrets.

A series of events converge where all members of the house-‘The gang of Five’-are forced to reveal their secrets, which by chance or circumstances are mysteriously interwoven. A bitter sweet comedy dispersed with lied, the play describes the plots to resolve all their problems.

Written and Directed by Noel Fidge
Performed by Raymond Khong, Maurice Wan, James Zong, Cindy Liu and Yu Lin
Lighting by: Hayley Fox
Production Liaison: Liz Jones

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