Lind Lane Theatre

Type of space: Music Performance Venue, Music Rehearsal Space, Rehearsal Space, Theatre

    If you're looking for a great time in Nambour, The Lind is the right choice. We offer a variety of entertainment offerings for all ages. Our state-of-the-art, air conditioned theatre, located at 16 Mitchell Street Nambour, seats just over 100 people, maintaining the intimate atmosphere that The Lind audiences have always enjoyed.

    Our stage is 6.5m deep x 8 metres wide at proscenium

    OP Loading dock accomodates trucks up to 2.6m wide without lifts, ramps or stairs.

    SM Desk includes talkback, green/dressing room paging, intercom & worker light controls.

    We have 7 flys, 3 of which are permanent LX, with loading gallery & spare weights to load appropriately.

    Our 3 curtains are a Front of House red, Mid Stage blue and back blacks.

    Our lighting system is controlled via a LSC Axiom 60/120 (with a Jands ESPII 48/96 as spare/second console if required) with 36 dimmer channels & 8 LED PAR64s

    We have 4 lighting bars, including LX3 for the cyclorama and a FOH bridge over the auditorium.

    Our fixture list includes 24x Selecon Acclaim 650w fresnels, 4x Selecon Axial 600w zoomspots, 8x Strand 650w profiles, 4x 1000w Par 64s, 2x Robe MSZoom250 moving head, a strobe and a mirror ball with motor and Par 36 pinspots (stobe and mirror ball on request only).

    Our audio system comprises of a Allen & Heath ZED 420 channel mixer, JBL CBT-50LA main speakers, 100w stage speakers and 100w auditorium speakers, foyer & outside speakers, 5 disk CD player, DVD player & projector and computer with Show Cue software. Each different zone (stage, main, auditorium, foyer) is run from a seperate mix bus, so can have independant sound sources/levels. We also have 8 radio mics available should you need them, but our theatre accoustics are generally fine un-mic’d.

    We also have two practical effects, a telephone and a doorbell - both mechanical - and controlled from the Box (at the audio operators console). We also have three smoke machines, including fan boosting and ducting, available for usage. Two machines have extendable remotes so can be controlled from a variety of locations.

    A basic hire gives you access to our Front of House area, stage, wings, green room, loading dock and SM desk.

    All pricing is negotiated on a case by case basis dependant on organisation. Discounts may apply to some organisations.

    Please note that a copy of your public liability policy will be required before confirming the booking.

    Please email your requests to

    This space is suitable for Workshops


    • Max. Capacity 100


    For audience
    • Bold signage

    • Drop-off point

    • Suitable emergency exits

    • Wheelchair accessible

    For performers
    • Accessible stage door

    • Suitable signage