Exhibition: Youth and Interaction by Jess Middleton

From 5 April to 2 May, Photographer Jess Middleton returned to the Dirty Dozen and Capsule to present Youth and Interaction and In Dreams.

On in the Dirty Dozen and Capsule, Youth and Interaction was an exhibition originally installed during the 2020 lockdown in Melbourne. It contemplates the importance of our memories; freedom, fun and closeness to others. The work is intended to follow a stirring of our minds and rousing of recollections and feelings embedded in our memories past. They ask the question:

'What memories do you have that remind you of feeling free... Having fun? Do you remember?’

At a time when distance from others became a necessity in our lives and a feeling of uncertainty has affected so many of us, these works pose as a reminder of the joyous feelings of freedom in our youth and connectedness to others.

In Dreams is about the disjointedness of 2020 and the hope that is found in sharing consciousness, experiences and dreams with others to propel us towards a future which is empathetic, aligned and at ease.

By each finding alignment and connectedness within ourselves and our immediate environment/the people around us, we may cause a ripple of effect on the entire world consciousness. It asks the question: will you use your experiences of the last year to continue a dream of hope, calm and comfort for the future?

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