How to create an effective space listing

For bright, open spaces: let there be light

A bright, naturally lit photo will usually showcase your space in the best possible light (both figuratively and literally). Unless, of course, your space is a photography darkroom or editing suite.  

Light, sunlit photography works particularly well for co-working spaces and photography studios.  

Give your space’s key features the spotlight

Of course, some spaces don’t need to provide bright, open atmospheres. In these cases, make sure your photos celebrate the specific features that will appeal to creative practitioners using the space.

Choose a cover photo to show off as much of your specific space as possible

Close-up photography of furnishings and ambient aspects of your space are valuable—we all know the devil’s in the detail—but your cover photo should show as much of the space you’re actually listing as possible. That way, it’s easier for people to get a quick sense of your space and whether it is suited to their needs while browsing.  

Some types of photos are useful to include in your listing but won’t make for particularly effective cover images. When choosing your cover photo, try to avoid:

  • Photos of the general area or suburb the space is located in.
  • Close up photography specific features or furniture within the space.
  • Photos of the outside of the building.
  • Ambient photography of existing artworks within the space.

Good examples of cover images include:

Include a photo or two of the surrounding area but ensure your space is the star  

Photos of the neighbourhood can be helpful to convey the atmosphere and community associated with your space, but the main focus should be on your space itself. After all, your space is what everyone is here to see!

If your space has certain quirks or unique characteristics, celebrate them!

Every space is unique, and not every listing is perfectly suited to every creative need. Try to showcase your space in the most authentic way possible. If it’s small, cosy and private, show it off that way! Tucked in the inner city next to great cafes and restaurants? Perfect, that will suit someone’s need. Out of town in a remote location? That’s perfect for someone too! Be true to your space and try to provide an accurate representation of its personality.

Get the help of a photographer

Yep, that includes your friend with a fleeting interest. You’ll get a much better result than by using a phone!

Show some love and care when creating your listing

Logically, the more effort you put into completing your space listing—by writing a clear and compelling overview, by including as much detailed information as possible, or by sourcing high quality photography—the better the result will be. And the better the result, the more applications you're likely to get.  

Use extra insights to connect your space with the right audience  

Our Insights Accounts take the guesswork out of creating an appealing listing. Access detailed insights into what your local community is looking for, the demand for certain types of spaces in your area, how much competing spaces charge per day, and more!

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