• Approx. floor space
  • Capacity
    20 people
  • Ceiling height
    High (3m - 4m)

Space overview

We currently have 2 x seperate studio spaces up for rent, however, this listing is the combination of them both as well as a large outdoor area. This combined space at large takes up 180sqm of a 350sqm property.

The rest of the property is occupied marking it a shared space between 2 parties. There are 2 seperate entrances to the various partys of the building and each area is lockable. Shared facilities include the kitchen and bathroom. This space includes a custom built photo studio fitted out by an e-comm brand who rents the wider premises at large. The space includes a custom built cyclorama and is fully equipped with a drop down green screen, studio lighting, kitchen and bathroom - whilst also including space for desks, stock and utilities. The space is ideal for a photographer, creative/s or e-comm brand who would value access to the cyclorama for content shoots, as well as the rest of the space for their functioning. While this is part of a larger shared space, it is secure with lockable doors and has been soundproofed for privacy.

njoy the beautiful 70sqm private courtyard at the entrance of this space and in summer can enjoy leaving the doors open. There is a north facing tin building on the other side of the courtyard that reflects light directly into the studio to create a beautiful filtered light channel.

This building opposite the courtyard is The Studio Upstairs - the other portion of this listing. This beautiful second story studio, is a 50sqm open space with white brick walls that enhance the plethora of natural light streaming through its windows.

The entrance to this space is via a garage door that opens up onto Victoria St, Windsor. You enter through the garage into the private courtyard then turn to walk up the staircase into your space. Meaning there is privacy, access and potential to bring in clients, host classes, etc.

The combination of these spaces is incredibly unique and multi-purpose.

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Pricing options

  • $5,500 per month (ex GST)


Long-term/ongoing lease

Features and facilities

Accessibility features

  • Accessible public transport
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Alarm system with sound and visual cues
  • Mirrors at a height suitable for use by people in wheelchairs or short stature
  • Quiet areas or spaces
  • Well-lit at night
  • Wheelchair access (partial space)
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General features

  • Non-gendered toilets
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • 24/7 access
  • Air conditioning
  • Free wifi
  • Fridge
  • Heating
  • Kitchenette
  • Storage
  • Toilets
  • Queer friendly
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Specialist features

  • Backdrop rolls
  • Clamps
  • Drop-down blue and green screens
  • Hair and makeup area
  • Lights on stands
  • Screens
  • Softbox modifier
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Access features

  • Double doorways
  • Wide Corridors



Victoria Street,
Windsor, 3181

Access Hours


*Please note - In some of the images provided there is furniture and decor that currently occupies part of the space. This is something that can be completely removed, re-painted, etc to create a blank canvas, or kept and utilised for your benefit (which would be up for discussion).

Getting here

Transport options

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Tram


There is an all day parking garage 5 minutes walk away.


Pricing options

  • $5,500 per month (ex GST)


Long-term/ongoing lease


Victoria Street
Windsor, 3181

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