THE BEGINNING OF THE END was inspired by Stephen Hawking’s last book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions. It explores the question of Artificial intelligence, the morality and possibilities of it.

When the space at Campbell Arcade became available, I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring this topic to the people.  I have a great interest in Artificial Intelligence and am excited about the immense changes which will take place in the not so distant future.  This Tec has so many possible uses,  from medical through to cosmetic and of course the military. While enthusiastic about this I am also worried, as with most important decisions money and who has It, has the final say in how and where this Tec is deployed.

I work predominantly with steel water pipe, which I bend and cut at random angles into short lengths.  The pipe like humanity offers endless possibilities, by combining the rotation of the 360degree circle with randomly bent and cut short lengths I can construct a unique line full of personality. In this work I combined the pipe with my steel plate work, which gives me a way to use the weld itself as the medium. The weld is comparable to the universe, with its splatter and molten puddles of steel resembling the cosmos in creation. I took humanity, (the pipe) and combined it with the universe, (the weld) the universe which holds all that is, to create the first Superhuman. A human that could potential solve all the questions of our time.  

I ask will we see evolution, or will we see extinction, the advance of the superhuman is upon us.

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