Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council is a vibrant, prosperous, creative and liveable city where our cultural diversity is celebrated, and our creative industries and economy thrives.

Brisbane is home to a rich, diverse community of artists and creatives across various art forms. They make an integral contribution to our city. We connect with each other and to the world through our culture, lifestyle and the opportunities delivered by our creative economy.


Brisbane City Council is dedicated to fostering an innovative and creative community and providing opportunities for everyone to participate in Brisbane's cultural life. 

We are strengthening Brisbane’s liveability as a vibrant, creative city and to ensure Brisbane is the premier location for talented people to live, work, play, raise families, and develop careers and economic potential.

Brisbane City Council recognises that affordable spaces for creatives to converge, share ideas and access supportive infrastructure are essential for a successful creative sector. We strive for creatives to have access to a wide range of affordable, fit-for-use creative spaces and facilities. A city where spaces and precincts are used in innovative ways for collaboration, networking, professional development and resource sharing.

It is through this commitment that Brisbane will be a 24-hour, cultural city - a city that attracts creative endeavours and people, enables innovation and applies its ingenuity to activities that positively affect the economy.