Deanne Butterworth at The Pavilion in Fitzroy Gardens

Creative Spaces is excited to announce that dancer, choreographer and teacher Deanne Butterworth has been successful in securing the first of two three-month residencies at The Pavilion in Fitzroy Gardens for January to April 2021.

Creative Spaces was tasked with activating The Pavilion in Fitzroy Gardens between January and June 2021, in line with the goals of City of Melbourne’s COVID-19 Reactivation and Recovery Plan. Activation of the space will provide opportunities to artists who can help reactivate and reinvigorate Melbourne whilst providing a boost to the local economy.
During her residency, Deanne will deliver Open Effort, a three-month program engaging multiple dance artists. Open Effort will deliver a series of outcomes, including an open studio setup for seven dancers and choreographers, movement workshops for dancers and the general public, and screenings of live performances and filmed outcomes. The space will also be used to host groups and thinking associated with Deanne’s practice, including Think Tank Dance Assembly and Power Play advocacy. 
Open Effort will create a studio environment inspiring experimentation, innovation and courage to explore new ideas. The Pavilion in Fitzroy Gardens will act as a space for creative dialogue, sharing, and exchange. 
Deanne has previously worked with NGV, VCA, Chunky Move, Arts House, Lucy Guerin Inc., and ACCA. 

Image credit: Florian Munson 

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