Exhibition: A False Start

A False Start, an exhibition by Yuchen Xin, is on at Assembly Point until 1 August 2021.

A False Start is an exhibition by Melbourne based artist Yuchen Xin at Assembly Point from 5 July to 1 August 2021. It is a project reflecting her personal feelings towards Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown. The body of works examines the world we live in from a personalised absurd narrative perspective. Exhibited works feature different-sized material assemblage sculptures and mixed media paintings. 

The project considers the importance of recycling cheap discarded materials and transforming them into vibrant and emotionally resonant and idiosyncratic sculptures that hold personal, uncanny, environmental, and historic narratives of the past objects. The forms of these works are very much dictated by the choice of materials and the investigation started by collecting and exploring the use of ready-mades and found objects on the street and from the second-hand shops. 

Taking the notion of an unconscious mindset, the works were developed without planning, working intuitively. The process of creating became a means to question and investigate ideas about the self. The unique anthropomorphic characters engage both the artist’s personal universe and the common moments in human conditions. Exploring the method of using alternative forms to discuss the story of our own, Yuchen invites viewers to recognize our own likeness and real moments of themselves through her works.

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